Samsung Galaxy S6 Released

Samsung Galaxy S6 Released:
With the onset of summer season, Samsung recently unveiled their new flagship Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6, being latest installment to their ever expanding S series Smartphone’s and it is set to be made available for sale from 10th April 2015. Unlike the former Smartphone’s released under S Series of Samsung flaunting plastic bodies, Samsung Galaxy S6 has got premium metallic body sheltered by high tech glass. A lot of up gradations have been introduced in Samsung galaxy S6 in its display quality, performance and rest of the essential features.
Everything about Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs:
Design: Samsung Galaxy S6 is a metallic bodied Smartphone housing a 5.1inches display, its body as well as display has been provided with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 for extra protection. Thus besides being an eye catching Smartphone, its build quality is also highly durable. This will enable Samsung Galaxy S6 to be handy and one handed operation isn’t a thing to worry.
Display Quality: The latest flagship from Samsung aka Samsung Galaxy S6 flaunts a 5.1inches super AMOLED display with an exceptional resolution of 1440*2560pixels and pixel density of 577ppi. This super configured display provides every detail in high definition and remains under protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 4 sheath.
Performance: Being provided with a quad core Exynos 7420 processor clocked at 1.5GHz, Samsung galaxy S6 comes factory installed with Android v5.0.2 Lollipop OS. This super fast processor is accompanied by 3GB RAM and Mali T760 GPU. Overall the combination of processor and RAM is an awesome coupling which will allow users to use and install vast number of Applications without worrying about lagging and space.
Camera Configuration: Samsung galaxy S6 has been planted with a 16MP primary camera with exciting features along with 5MP front shooter for selfie’s and video calling. This Smartphone might not be housing a camera of photographic taste but this configuration of camera is good for common daily use.
Storage Capability: As far as storage capability is concerned, Samsung Galaxy S6 comes in 3 storage variants with 32GB, 64 GB and 128GB capacity. The user has a choice to buy any variant according to the storage needs but this is a onetime decision of user because this Smartphone is not present with SD card compatibility. So, buyers need to take care of this thing while buying Samsung galaxy S6 Smartphone.
Battery Backup: No matter how higher technology has taken our Smartphone world; this is the sole thing where rarely any Smartphone shows expected performance. Samsung Galaxy S6 packed with a non removable 2550mAh battery is expected to provide a good battery backup but the exact value is unknown yet however as far as figures are concerned, this Smartphone must have something special in t which makes its 2550mAh battery last longer otherwise its battery backup is not going to be any special moment for the world to celebrate.
Price Range:
Samsung Galaxy S6 32 GB: INR 49000/-  USD (~750)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32 GB: INR 57000/-  USD (~875)

Samsung galaxy A7

Samsung galaxy A7: Where perfect design meets express speed.
Samsung kick started the year 2015 with release of all fresh styled Samsung Galaxy A-series Smartphone’s comprising of Samsung Galaxy A5 being the compact one and the monstrous display sized Samsung galaxy A7. So far Samsung was all about its plastic bodied Smartphone’s but Samsung has banged this year with full metal bodied Smartphone’s and is looking to commence more metallic stuff this year. Samsung galaxy A7 was released by Samsung in February 2015 and received quite huge buzz over World Wide Web.
Exploring Samsung galaxy A7:
  1. Design: Samsung galaxy A7 is nothing like the Smartphone’s released by Samsung so far, this Smartphone is built from highly durable metallic body, housing a 5.5inches display provided with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection. The overall design in good as far as looks and durability is concerned however user will need to perform single handed operations with care because of its large size; one handed handling would not be much easy.
  2. Display Quality: The 5.5inches super AMOLED display of Samsung galaxy A7 provides display resolution of 1080*1920pixels and density of 401ppi. This HD display provides cool graphical show off with its moderate pixel distribution. Corning Gorilla Glass 4 sheath protects this gigantic display from bumps and scratches and this display is of quite good quality for large screen lovers.
  3. Performance: As far as performance of Samsung galaxy A7 is concerned, it is factory installed with Android v4.4.4 Kit Kat operating on snapdragon 615 quad core processor clocked at 1.5GHz / 1.8GHz coupled with 2GB RAM and Adreno 405 / Mali T628 GPU respectively. This is quite perfect combination of processing elements which can give the best Smartphone experience. The processing speed as well as RAM is fixed at a decent standard making this Smartphone perfect for gaming as well as application usability.
  4. Camera: Samsung galaxy A7 being a sub premium Smartphone rightly landed by Samsung in between the mid ranger and premium one’s clearly diminishing this virtual line between the two segments, flaunts a 13MP primary camera and 5MP front shooter and this combination is mixed up with the overall features of this design finely. This Smartphone isn’t expected to be flaunting a 20MP camera or somewhat like that in this range but 13MP is quite good as being incorporated in this Smartphone.
  5. Storage: Samsung knowing the need of extra storage has kept SD card compatibility open in this Smartphone along with 16GB internal storage. It’s clearly the best a man can get in this standard. Although recently Samsung has started rolling out Smartphone’s with no SD card compatibility but here it’s evident that Samsung has felt the pinch of their mistake.
  6. Battery backup: One of the biggest challenges of Smartphone’s like Samsung galaxy A7 with non removable battery is to provide and maintain good battery backup for longer periods of time. However Samsung has claimed their Samsung galaxy A7 with 2600mAh battery to provide 17h on 3G network which is awesome if they are saying what they mean.


Latest findings of our Rumor Mash: HTC E9
HTC E9 is the upcoming most expected Smartphone to be released with HTC One M9 in the April 2015 event of HTC. According to the reports, HTC E9 flaunts the same design as of HTC one M9 but the main difference lies in the fact that HTC E9 will be housing a plastic shiny body in contrast to the metallic body of HTC One M9. A lot of stuff has been revealed about HTC E9. Just check it out.
  1. Design: HTC E9 will be flaunting a 5.5inches display encased in a plastic body. The body of this Smartphone is supposed to be much more gleaming and shinier than HTC One M9. However due to huge size and plasticity, this Smartphone will need an extra bit of care thus encasing and application of glass screen protector is must.
  2. Display Quality: The display of HTC E9 is reported as a 5.5inch qHD display with resolution of 2560*1440pixels and pixel density of 534. The display quality clearly suggests that this thing is about to go much hotter than HTC One M9 in this standard. The pixel density of this standard is definitely an open challenge to premium leading Smartphone in the market.
  3. Performance: Without disappointing its fans, HTC will be providing a 64 bit MediaTek processor in this Smartphone clocked at 2GHz and accompanied by 3GB RAM. If things are quite like this, this Smartphone from HTC is turning out to be the new beast of streets and sell out like a hot cake. This configuration is totally awesome and so is its display.
  4. Camera: HTC E9 will be flaunting a 20MP rear camera however there’s no word out yet about its front shooter. But this Smartphone has clearly made its way into entertainment, gaming, performance and now photography. A 20MP camera is enough of the goodness present in this Smartphone.
  5. Battery backup: This Smartphone will be packed with a 2800mAh battery which is 2850mAh in case of HTC One M9. Not making much difference, it’s pretty clear that this Smartphone will also provide 24h of battery back up on 3G network and this is quite good time.
Our overall exploration results in the fact that HTC E9 is going to be a beast in case of graphics quality, camera, performance and battery backup. However storage capacity, front camera configuration and GPU are yet to be revealed and hopefully every secret will be out in streets soon along with this beast.

HTC One M9

What is HTC catering? HTC One M9
HTC is all set to release their new flagship Smartphone’s HTC One M9 and HTC One E9 in the Q1 of 2015.  These new entrants to the famous HTC One series of Smartphone’s are seen to be equipped with high performance configuration as well as attractive design. HTC fandom is about to receive a powerful contribution from HTC which is expectedly provided with every essential features that user needs in this era.
  1. Design: HTC One M9 comes encased in a metallic Aluminum Silicon Carbide body which is expected to be waterproof as per rumors. The front end of this Smartphone houses two stereo speakers alongside with front shooter and third one present at the extreme bottom. The back panel is brushed horizontally to give a premium and shinier feel in hands. For display, Corning gorilla Glass 4 protection has been provided, thus HTC One M9 overall proves to be durability conscious Smartphone besides characteristic HTC designing concept is operating in this Smartphone.
  2. Display Quality: A 5.0inches LCD3 display providing resolution of 1080*1920 and pixel density of 441p is present being sheltered with Corning Gorilla glass 4. The display size is sensibly compact which will allow easy one handed operation and the quality of display is also good, it will provide pleasant graphical experience. Besides this, this display is rightly protected with latest Gorilla Glass installment which will protect it from scratches and accidental bumps.
  3. Performance: HTC One M9 comes with Android v5.0.x OS skinned with HTC Sense UI 7.0 operating on a Quad core Snapdragon 810 processor clocked at 1.5GHz accompanied by 3GB RAM and Adreno 430 GPU. As per the statistics, this Smartphone is ready to provide smoother application switching along with installation capability to a vast number of apps and games. This Smartphone is clearly a thunderbolt when it comes to the processing.
  4. Camera: A cool combination of 20.7MP primary camera and 4MP front shooter is seen in HTC One M9. This camera configuration is going to be the ultimate love for a person who is fond of photography and loves to take HD pictures. Besides that selfie lovers are also going to love it. Thus HTC One M9 will be the love at first sight for camera lovers as soon as it sees daylight.
  5. Storage: HTC has gone big this time with the providence of 32GB internal storage along with expandability option up to 128GB. This is the best thing from HTC; here users won’t have to stay focused on storage consumption as its storage can go vast although 32GB is a huge storage space for a Smartphone. This move from HTC is quite awesome indeed.
  6. Battery backup: A non-removable 2840mAh Li-Po battery is provided in HTC One M9 which is claimed to provide 21h 50m on 3G and 25h 20m on 2G as per reports. This battery backup is quite of a quite good standard for a premium flagship Smartphone as far as figures are speaking. However a bit more like 3000mAh battery could have rocked the battery backup of this Smartphone even more.

Asus Zenfone Zoom

Asus Zenfone Zoom

Alongside with the release of Asus Zenfone 2 featuring high class configuration at cheaper price, Asus has also unveiled their new camera oriented flagship Smartphone which goes by the name of Asus Zenfone Zoom. This Smartphone is also provided with a high configuration interior and sleeker and shinier design as seen is Asus Zenfone 2. As per reports, so far a bunch of essential features have been released about this Smartphone which go as follows.
  1. Design: Asus Zenfone zoom is reported to be flaunting a metallic body brushed with shiny colors. This Smartphone is very sleeker and curvy at the edges weighing just 185g. The 5.5inches display of Asus Zenfone zoom holds perfectly in the metal encasing and is provided with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. Thus, according to durability and designing point of view, Asus Zenfone zoom is totally good in both the classes and there’s no doubt in it.
  2. Display Quality: A 5.5 inches IPS display providing pixel resolution 1080*1920pixels and density of 403ppi is flaunted by Asus Zenfone zoom. The clarity of display is pretty cool and the pixel density is moderate going to provide good quality graphical experience. However Galaxy Note 4 display cannot be expected in a Smartphone like Asus Zenfone zoom providing the best features at exceptionally low rates. This is a good effort by Asus and must be appreciated.
  3. Performance: Asus Zenfone zoom will be coming factory installed with Android v5.0 lollipop OS skinned with Asus ZenUI, operating on a Quad core Intel Atom Processor clocked at 2.3Ghz accompanied by 2GB RAM in lower variant / 4GB RAM in case of higher variant and PowerVR G6430 GPU. The operating chipset is clocked at super fast speed and the users have the option to choose their desired RAM type as per needs and budget. Here users should clarify that the lower variant with 2GB RAM can also provide the best Smartphone experience as it’s being accompanied by such a high class chipset.
  4. Camera: As the name of Asus Zenfone zoom goes by the specialty of its 13MP primary camera featuring 3x optical zoom, laser autofocus as the new innovative features. It’s provided with a 5MP front shooter at the front for video calling and selfie capturing. The camera configuration of Asus Zenfone zoom has been set pretty perfectly and the users will have upper hand while going for buying this Smartphone.
  5. Storage: Asus will be providing their Asus Zenfone zoom with multiple storage variants including 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. Thus users will have the choice in case of RAM as well as storage variant which is very nice to see as users can select their Smartphone storage variant and RAM variant as per desire and need.
  6. Battery backup: So far Asus has succeeded to keep a constant smile on your face about this Smartphone being the one you ever wanted to have and its 3000mAh battery is also among the desired traits of a Smartphone. It will be enough to light it for 18h approx battery backup and a long lasting standby time. Thus, it is proved to be an ideal Smartphone.

Motorola DROID Turbo

Motorola DROID Turbo:

Ever since the start of Android age and dominance of Smartphone’s by Samsung and Apple, Motorola is among the companies which saw a pretty bad time and almost reached the verge of declination. But Motorola rebuilt its space in market and people’s hearts again which started from the release of Moto x, a fully fledged Smartphone which received a huge buzz and warm welcome all over the globe. Since then Motorola is building very nicely configured Smartphone’s and have built repo in premium as well as mid range segment. Motorola DROID Turbo is the latest premium flagship Smartphone from Motorola featuring excellent build quality, super fast processing and long lasting battery life.
  1. Design: Motorola DROID Turbo is built of exceptionally innovative material known as ballistic nylon which provides high durability because of its extreme toughness and thickness. A criss-cross interwoven design of threads is present at the back panel of this Smartphone along with metallic plating. Motorola DROID Turbo is surrounded by a metallic brim all over the Smartphone and the special Moto display sheltered with Gorilla Glass 3. Thus, it can be said that this Smartphone lays a good impact as far as durability and design is concerned.
  2. Display Quality: A 5.2inches super AMOLED display providing resolution of 1440*2560pixels and pixel density of 565ppi is housed by Motorola DROID Turbo. The display looks compact as the size has been well maintained and this highly pixilated display is provided with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The display of this Smartphone is of great premium quality and will definitely provide good experience.
  3. Performance: Motorola DROID Turbo runs Android v4.4.4 Kit Kat OS which is planned to be upgraded to lollipop v5.0 OS, operating on a Snapdragon 805 Quad core processor clocked at 2.7 GHz and accompanied by 3GB RAM and Adreno 420 GPU. The configuration of this Smartphone is pretty cool. The speed as well as Ram has been provided to great efficacy and will run every application nicely and especially the application switching is going to be purely awesome.
  4. Camera: A 21MP auto focus camera is provided at the rear end and 2Mp front facing camera for video calling and selfies. Although the 21MP primary camera is best for Smartphone photography and is considered among the best camera configurations but the 2Mp front feels a bit low when overall configuration is considered, it’s the only thing you will need to compromise with if you are a selfie lover.
  5. Storage: Motorola DROID Turbo comes in two storage variants which are 32GB and 64GB ones. However this Smartphone has been made devoid of SD card compatibility. But as soon as capacity is concerned, both the Smartphone variants are satisfactory and the buyer can easily accommodate stuff in these variants. If anyone feels 32GB less, 64GB is the available option and above this there is no possible option.
  6. Battery backup: Motorola DROID Turbo comes packed with 3900mAh battery which is one of the best things possessed by this Smartphone. It allows you to go charger less for 48 hours on continuous 3G usage and indeed nothing can go better than this as far as premium Smartphone range is concerned.

LG Watch Urbane

LG Watch Urbane

Although LG is well known for the designing of premium range luxurious Smartphone with the eminent LG G Series Smartphone’s being their best efforts in the Smartphone arena, LG has kicked off the year 2015 with the announcement of their newly launched LG Watch Urbane, LG recently publicized this watch at MWC 2015, 27th April 2015 will mark the official launch of LG Watch Urbane with the launch price of 269.99 Euros.  LG Watch Urbane has been designed in the pretty perfect fashion and will look like merely a Quartz wrist watch to common eyes. But at the back stage it’s a slaved beast on your wrist because its features are mind blowing.
LG Watch Urbane: Full Specifications:
LG Watch Urbane flaunts a rounded 1.3inch P-OLED display which provides resolution of 320*320pixels.  This Smart watch operates on a Snapdragon 400 processor ticking at 1.2 GHz, it’s accompanied by a 512MB RAM for efficient application usability. LG Watch Urbane has got the storage capacity of 4GB and is packed with 410mAh battery. The worth noticing features of LG Watch Urbane include an inbuilt heart rate monitor, dust and water resistance featured with IP67 rating and comes with 22mm replaceable straps for fashion trends. This is the best data which could be obtained so far about LG Watch Urbane however one more thing that might concern you is that the LTE version of this Smart watch running LG’s owned WebOS with SIM card compatibility might see daylight sooner or later as per the reports.

Project Smelt by Motorola

Project Smelt by Motorola:
Ever since the recovery of Motorola in the Android Smartphone manufacturing competition from the release of everlasting Moto X to best mid ranger Moto G, Motorola has been keeping up great pace in the building of super cool gadgets which marked a fresh start in Smartwatch section since last year with the release of Moto 360. This Smartwatch was created by Motorola with realistic watch design and high configuration features and gained great fame globally, this year also Motorola is building up the renounced Moto 360 Smartwatch which is currently under process by the code name of Smelt and is expected to be out with some great features and once again be the ruler of Smartwatch kingdom like classic Moto 360 Smartwatch did last year. 
The CEO of Lenovo recently tweaked a leaked image of Project Smelt Smartwatch and latest leaks confirmed that this new Moto 360 Smartwatch will be operating on Android v5.1 Lollipop OS and will be flaunting a 360*360 display.  These leaks were confirmed under two different codenames which are Minnow and Smelt where as there fusion seems to be the accurate answer for this theoretical mystery. More info about this Project of Motorola being secretly operated under different codenames will be available as soon as this cloud of theoretical confusion is set aside by Motorola and official unveiling takes place. 

Pony Express by Google

Pony Express by Google: A new recipe for paying bills

Pony Express is the latest rumored tool under Google's testing phase which could be the future of paying bills. Reportedly Google is working on a project which goes by the code name of "Pony Express" under which a user can pay its bills via inbox of the Gmail app. Users might have to enter all the personal information and relevant banking credentials like debit / credit card info after which verification by third party service providers will need to be completed. Once verified, a user will be receiving bills for all the linked third party services through a folder or somewhat like that in Gmail's official inbox services via so called Pony Express. A verified user will have access to pay bills online via Gmail in a hustle free manner.
So far, Pony Express hasn't been unveiled as it's being cooked by the developers and is reportedly arriving in Q4 of 2015. There's a lot of time till then for sure because Google has to talk business with third party service providers and Google might have to think about creating some radical thing by hybridization of Google wallet or Android pay reportedly releasing in Google I/O 2015, however Google hasn't officially disclosed a word about what's coming. But it's pretty obvious that things are about to get hotter in Q4 2015.

About Windows 10 technical preview and Project Spartan

Everything about Windows 10 technical preview and Project Spartan:
Windows 10 technical preview:
Windows 10 technical preview is basically a beta version of Windows 10 OS on which Microsoft is currently working. This technical preview is out for windows Insiders only for the purpose of app building and feedbacks regarding bugs. It’s essential to first get your OS well cooked so that the users will feel the texture of its perfect craftiness and to cook it well Microsoft put this technical preview out. For the people who want to get this Windows 10 technical preview will have to join Windows Insiders Program from their official website but everyone cant join it, the person who want to get hands on it must should have some programming skills, as this beta version is prone to be bugged.
Installing this Windows 10 technical preview on your PC which you use every day is totally bad idea because Windows 10 technical preview is supposed to be present with multiple bugs and other vulnerable threats that can even erase everything you have on your PC. So, it’s obvious to think before going for its installation  and also you need to be aware of the fact that this Windows 10 technical preview  isn’t the complete featured windows 10 OS that you are getting, it’s just the part of it. With every new upgrade build, you will be provided access to new features of Windows 10. So, install Windows 10 technical preview only if you are associated with Windows Insider Program and capable of doing stuff with programming.
Project Spartan:
Project Spartan from Microsoft gained huge buzz because it’s definitely something cool arriving on Windows 10. What Spartan exactly is? Let me tell you that Spartan is actually a replacement of default web browser by Microsoft which used to be Internet Explorer. In the latest Windows 10 technical preview Microsoft has included the newly designed Spartan browser believed to be way better than Internet Explorer. Microsoft reported that this browser is being built to improve the website visiting quality and everyone will definitely love to use it. The most important thing about it i.e. Cortana has not been activated for usage and is yet restricted to US.  However once the things are set up, Cortana will provide users with a huge loads of features like weather assistance, flight and stocks info,  contextual suggestions and much more.
Our vision:   
We recommend people without tech skills not to jump start at it and land yourself in any kind of mess but just wait for its stable release. It’s because these technical previews can do no good to non tech origin people but just make them face a huge heap of bugs and crashes. The tech savvy guys can get in from the website and explore what’s being cooked by Microsoft.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:
On the occasion of Mobile World Congress 2015 Samsung showed off their two new flagship Smartphones namely Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. These two premium Smartphones are expected to be released on 10th of April 2015. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge as well as Samsung Galaxy S6 share same configuration in case of display, processor, camera and storage however the main difference lies in the dual edge display of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge which makes it a fabulous piece of art. This innovation of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge gives users more space on display for multiple tweaking features besides adding to the style of its overall designing.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge- Explored:
  1. Design: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge just like its classic variant Samsung Galaxy S6 is a framework of metallic body compiled of muscular core and 5.1inches display, Corning Gorilla Glass 4 back panel and display protector has been introduced in this Smartphone for extra durability. The metallic build along with additional Gorilla Glass 4 protection makes this Smartphone, an ultimate defender against accidental drops.
  2. Display: Besides the fact that this dual edged Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge looks much more gleaming and attractive than the simple Galaxy S6 but just like Galaxy S6, this Smartphone also flaunts a 5.1inches super AMOLED display with screen resolution of 1440*2560pixels and pixel density of 577ppi protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4. This high class density of pixels on this display won’t let you miss a single thing, whether it’s about entertainment or work.
  3. Processing Configuration: Exynos 7420 Quad core processor clocked at 1.5GHz along with 3GB RAM and Mali T760 GPU is the compiled load runner of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge being preinstalled with latest Android v5.0.2 Lollipop OS. The processing speed along with an enormous amount of RAM available for installing and using multiple applications is set to provide you the ultimate user satisfaction with its undefeated performance.
  4. Camera: Samsung galaxy S6 Edge is housed with a 16MP primary camera and 5MP front shooter which is the most frequently used camera configuration for premium Smartphones. It’s also a good one but if Samsung was aiming to shoot the unexpected victory, some magic had to be shown in this department which feels missing.
  5. Storage options: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has been made available in 3 storage variants with 32GB, 64 GB and 128GB capacity. However there is no SD card compatibility present which is a bit weird because SD card compatibility is a must have feature as per current storage requirements. So, it’s recommended to go for higher variants because it’s a onetime buy and needs to be chosen wisely.
  6. Battery Backup: Unlike Samsung Galaxy S6 possessing a non removable 2550mAh battery, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has been equipped with 2600mAh battery, the difference isn’t too much but Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge indeed shows off a bit more battery which isn’t expected to do wonders however a minute increment can be expected thus assumed to provide a good battery. The overall configuration of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge although feels monstrous in all departments but it feels a bit short because a premium Smartphone of this standard should have been provided with 3000mAh or above battery power.

about RakEM app

Everything about RakEM app:

RakEM is the latest complete social messaging app from Raketu Communications Inc. which provides most secure and encrypted social networking services as per the statement of Raketu Communications CEO Greg Parker, this application is a standalone challenge to the day to day security breaches taking place. The surety of what Raketu founder said lies in the fact that this application does not use any server’s in-between devices, but it’s just a direct device to device communication where users won’t have to fear about server data breaching and other issues.
Although its server free environment is great but the foremost thing which is gaining much popularity is its feature to unsend the sent texts. Some times out of anger or frustration, we often sent such messages to persons of concern which we regret latter. However with RakEM you can unsend the text messages and it will get deleted from the receiver’s phone also.
This feature of RakEM is just great to have as it’s uniquely found in this application only. Talking about the features of this application, RakEM isn’t just the text chatting app but you can use it for sending and receiving pictures, make voice / video calls, voice / video messages, etc. Thus, RakEM is a fully fledged social networking platform which can solely fulfill all your social needs in a secure way.

Microsoft office lens now available for Android and iPhone

Microsoft office lens now available for Android and iPhone
Microsoft recently announced that its native Office Lens application is coming to for two giant platforms i.e. android and iOS. This application was already working with windows OS but remained dormant due the low traffic of market place. The latest strategy applied by Microsoft for their growth and development is to bring out their best stuff on every major platform other than sitting invisible on limited Windows OS.
This Office Lens is a great productive, precisely useful tool you can use your camera as a scanner for documents like receipts, menu cards, etc and turn it into text file which can be easily edited. You can simply take the photo of your document, instantly crop it and save it in your one Drive or OneNote.  The scanned file can be saved as word file, power point or PDF file depending upon the user.
This tool aka Office Lens is a great tool for business oriented people from Microsoft and now it’s availability on two major platforms will serve as a great asset to people worldwide. Office Lens is provided by Microsoft on Android and iOS platform totally free of cost and this step of Microsoft is worth admiring. This sharing strategy of Microsoft will indeed help them grow their platform by making people aware of what Microsoft is offering and what is it capable of doing. 

Enjoy ad free YouTube service

Now users can enjoy ad free YouTube service
As we all are aware of the fact that YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming website brought to us by Google. YouTube has been serving us since decades now and is still continuing to be the largest video housing website. There’s hardly anyone in the world who doesn’t use YouTube or haven’t used before probably must be living in time dating back to Stone Age currently every big and small moment reaches to us via YouTube and it’s appreciable. For generating some green bucks via ads, YouTube makes you watch short video clips regarding ads before start of video and honestly it is very annoying sometime. Therefore for people who want to get of these messy ads YouTube has worked out a way for us.
The people who want to stream videos on YouTube in a premium style without getting interrupted by ads every time, can now do so by simply paying a fair share of monthly fee. The fee you pay will be for the YouTube’s ad revenue which will in turn guarantee you the ad free video streaming service. The monthly fee is yet to be determined and besides that YouTube has stated that their two new segments i.e. YouTube Kids and Music Key Beta currently being developed will provide users with the best video vendor service ever seen before. YouTube is getting their services upgraded to the next level sooner than we can imagine.

Car Insurance

Car Insurance
Car insurance is something that everyone should have. No matter how careful of a driver you are, you can never know what anyone else is going to do. They are called accidents for a reason and they can often happen without any type of warning. The only way to make sure that you are full prepared for the chance that this could happen is to have car insurance. This can make sure that not only you are covered, but that the other driver is covered too. No matter who is at fault. It doesn't have to be a big ordeal, for the most part car insurance is pretty customization to what you need in your life.
No matter how much experience driving you have, or think that you have, car insurance is a definite necessity. Even the best drivers get into accidents and if you don’t have insurance this can be a serious problem. The good thing about car insurance is that you only need to get what you think that you need. If you don’t drive a lot, or you don’t drive in very crowded places then you might only want a little bit of coverage just in case something happens. But if you live in a big city or find yourself driving a lot then you might need a lot more coverage than people who don’t. Evaluate your personal situation and figure out what is going to work best for you. If you have kids you should definitely figure this into the equation because they need to be kept safe and chances are the older they get the more places they will need to be driven to.
It doesn't matter who you are, you need insurance. A good bench mark to help figure out just how much coverage you need is to add more coverage the younger or less experienced you are. As you learn to drive or get more experience driving, you can drop a little bit of coverage if you feel that you don’t need it. Just think logically and be careful out there. It is hard to keep yourself safe when you are driving, but just knowing that you covered in the event of an accident can make you more clear headed and safer than if you didn't have it. It is just a little help waiting for you if you ever need it.

Benefits of Car Insurance

Car insurance is something which needs to be taken every time when an individual purchases a car. There are several vendors in the market who sell car insurance. From a customer stand point, it is important that we go through all the different offers provided by the insurance companies and the coverage limit as well. All the insurance service providers have different schemes each with its own features. These service providers also indulge in answering the questions or queries raised by the customers. Hence, it is most important for a customer to perform thorough research and then make a decision.
All notes and disclaimers will also have to be carefully scrutinized as the companies may have provided some notes towards the bottom which may be missed by the naked eye. Few vehicle insurances are mandatory and need to be taken by all cars which are driven in India. While choosing the appropriate insurance, customers have to be careful in choosing the policy which offers them high insured declared value. These policies may usually charge a huge premium but they are valuable and provide a better return when the vehicle has been damaged. It is also not advisable to drive a car on the roads without insurance as it may be risky for the vehicle.
There is one type of insurance which is known as a fully covered insurance or a fully comprehensive insurance. To go for a cheaper insurance policy or a top cover like the fully covered insurance depends on primarily two factors – the price of the car and the affordability of the customer. The fully covered insurance protects the customer against all damages be itself or third party. Buying a car is easy but car insurance not very easy. Each policy provider may provide different benefits providing the customers different options as well.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Max - Full Phone Specifications

The Grandest Grand has arrived:
Samsung recently flagged off their new Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Grand Max as a fresh installment to their eminent Grand series of Smartphone’s. Unlike most of the Smartphone’s compiled in the Grand series of Samsung, Samsung Galaxy Grand Max shows off a grand display with amazing quality, huge up gradation is seen in its processing core and likewise standard of other segments in this has been raised quite high. This Smartphone feels like Samsung has unleashed their Grand series out of the bounds set by the label of being a mid range Smartphone because it clearly looks Samsung has diminished a proper line between midrange and premium Smartphone’s by these awesome up gradations.
Samsung Galaxy Grand Max - Full Phone Specifications:
  1. Design: Samsung Galaxy Grand Max being a mid range Smartphone by nature is seen flaunting a plastic body along with the metallic elements surrounding the whole skeleton. But it’s clearly visible that this Smartphone definitely needs to be protected by using high class cover and cases and glass protectors for display. Being a low budget device the durability coefficient of this Smartphone is quite low. Thus, users need to take proper care of it as a single accidental drop can cost you a big amount of repairing cash.
  2. Display Quality: Being the Grandest ever in Grand series, Samsung Galaxy Grand Max is housed with a 5.25inches IPS LCD display with resolution of 720*1280pixels and pixel density of 282ppi. This quality of display is averagely good as far as its pricing of the Smartphone is concerned. The resolution is 720p and obvious a 1010p display cannot be expected in a Smartphone of this standard. There’s no protective covering shielding this display from scratches and stains, thus it’s a thing to worry for rough and tough users unless a glass protector is applied.
  3. Performance: Samsung Galaxy Grand Max ships with android v4.4.4 Kit Kat OS operating on a Snapdragon 410 Quad core processor clocked at 1.2GHz and coupled with 1.5GB RAM and Adreno 306GPU. Although the processor is typical mid range one, Samsung Galaxy Grand Max has been provided with extra amount of RAM which can be a lot helpful to gamers and people who want to run loads of applications on their Smartphone. This was definitely a big necessity in a mid range Smartphone which users felt forever but Samsung has cleared it out in Samsung Galaxy Grand Max.
  4. Camera: It’s quite good to see Samsung Galaxy Grand Max flaunting a 13MP primary camera and 5MP front shooter. This configuration of camera in case of mid range segment is worth admiration, because usually 8MP camera is a typical choice in mid rangers however Samsung has exceptionally provided a better option.
  5. Storage: Samsung Galaxy Grand Max has got 16GB on board storage capacity along with SD card compatibility up to 64GB. Thus users don’t need to worry about storage because a good storage capacity Is provided and it gets even better with the SD card compatibility option where users can get the most out of this Smartphone as per needs.
  6. Battery backup: A 2500mAh Li-ion battery has been provided in Samsung Galaxy Grand Max which is expected to meet all day requirement of Smartphone usage. This battery capacity is overall a good option to be introduced in a Smartphone of this standard and will definitely provide big happy hours of talk time.
Is Samsung Galaxy Grand Max worth buying?
Samsung Galaxy Grand Max is indeed a value for money Smartphone as far as its pricing is concerned.  It’s a best buy Smartphone for gamers’ and people who want to enjoy everything on a big display. The pricing has been set perfectly by Samsung and there is no such thing called over pricing when it comes to Samsung galaxy Grand Max and the features it provides. It’s currently the best possible option when it comes to Grand series of Smartphone’s from Samsung.

Whatsapp voice calling feature unleashed for all Android devices

Whatsapp voice calling feature unleashed for all Android devices:
So far whatsapp voice calling feature was available to the users only via invite system where a friend without whatsapp needed to receive call from Whatsapp enabled friend to get this calling feature unlocked and honestly it was quite a mess. Thanks to Whatsapp, the latest version of Whatsapp released in Play Store is by default activated with this voice calling feature of Whatsapp. This calling feature of whatsapp instead of cellular plans, works on your Smartphone’s internet and only the data charges are applicable as per your plan. So, it’s pretty sure that the quality of Whatsapp calls will depend upon the strength of users network from both ends.
Whatsapp calling feature can be used to make free calls to your friends or family only with working internet connection, no matter in which country they live. The whatsapp voice calls won’t let it to be interrupted by network calls so you can receive network calls only after you disconnect whatsapp call. For iPhone users, it’s been reported by CEO Brian Acton that within few weeks of time, iOS will be receiving whatsapp voice calling feature for sure. So, iPhone users don’t need to worry about it, it’s not Android invasion but just the technical delay.
NOTETo activate your Whatsapp Voice calling Feature just go to Play Store and Update/Download the Whatsapp Latest Version.

ZTE Nubia Z9 Max, Nubia Z9 Mini unleashed by ZTE

ZTE Nubia Z9 Max, Nubia Z9 Mini unleashed by ZTE
Out of the raging Smartphone war between Xiaomi, ZTE and other firms who are looking forward to design flagship Smartphone’s and high configuration mid range Smartphone’s at an unexpectedly cheaper price, ZTE has  taken a step ahead by releasing ZTE Nubia Z9 Max and Nubia Z9 Mini. This step towards progress gets more importance when we come to know that it’s for first time in our lives, ZTE has introduced Snapdragon 810 chipset in their flagship Smartphone Nubia Z9 Max. Let’s explore what ZTE has to offer us in their cookie jar.
Exploring ZTE Nubia Z9 Max and Nubia Z9 Mini:
  1. Design: From the leaked images of ZTE Nubia Z9 Max and Nubia Z9 Mini, it’s clear that these Smartphone’s are designed of all metal body, the body is very thin indeed and a finger print sensor is located at the rear side. The huge display flaunted in the picture suggests that the Smartphone is ZTE Nubia Z9 Max and comprises of iPhone 6 lookalike thinness. The display of this Smartphone is provided with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. Thus, these Smartphone’s look to be provided with a fair share of durability without compromise, however single handed operations will be a challenge for ZTE Nubia Z9 Max.
  2. Display Quality: ZTE Nubia Z9 Max and Nubia Z9 Mini both feature full HD display with resolution of 1080*1920pixels but the 5.5inch IPS display of ZTE Nubia Z9 Max has got pixel density of 401ppi which incase of ZTE Nubia Z9 Mini is peaked a bit higher at 441ppi. Both the displays of Smartphone’s are provided with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. It’s worth noting that these Smartphone’s are possessed with good quality display and the compact one’s share’s more pixels on screen. It’s not a thing to worry but it’s a universal law that bigger display has lesser pixel density if they are of the same configuration.
  3. Performance: ZTE Nubia Z9 Max and Nubia Z9 Mini both is factory installed with Android v5.0 Lollipop OS skinned with Nubia UI 2.8. ZTE Nubia Z9 Max however operates on octa core Snapdragon 810 processor clocked at approx 2 GHz and coupled with 3GB DPDDR4 RAM and ZTE Nubia Z9 Mini operates on Octa Core Snapdragon 615 processor clocked at 1.5GHz coupled with 2GB LPDDR3 RAM. The larger one as well as compact one have got a highly configured processing system with great CPU and RAM which will ensure smooth functioning of applications whoever you can expect ZTE Nubia Z9 Max to go much further in application switching and installation ease as compared to ZTE Nubia Z9 Mini.
  4. Camera: Both ZTE Nubia Z9 Max as well as Nubia Z9 Mini are equipped with 16Mp primary camera with Sony IMX234 Exmore RS sensors and 8Mp front shooter. These Smartphone’s are just ideal to be used for taking good quality photos as well as high quality selfie capturing and video calling as most of the premium ones only offer 5MP front camera which gets better in here.
  5. Storage: Just like identical camera configuration ZTE Nubia Z9 Max and Nubia Z9 Mini have got 16GB internal storage and the storage capacity can be expanded to 128 GB via SD card. It’s good to have such big compatibility option and the 16GB storage is also not too bad and it won’t affect the proper functioning as could have done by non availability of SD card.
  6. Battery backup: Both the variants of ZTE Nubia Z9 are present with 2900mAh battery which is enough to give a full day of battery backup in these beasts. However with a compact display of Nubia Z9 Mini, it will be providing a bit more battery endurance. Overall both the Smartphone are provided the best configuration of parts in all sectors and are ready to take on the costly flagship Smartphone’s out there.

Moto G 2nd Generation

The ruler of mid range Smartphone’s: Moto G 2nd Generation
Although Motorola so far has got only a few renowned premium Smartphone’s in their sack but Motorola has gone hard on development of mid range segment and their fruits of labor are expectedly good. After the huge buzz received by old school Moto G and Moto E reflecting mid range thoughts, Motorola up graded both the Smartphone’s as they did with their Moto X and 2nd Gen. of Moto G and Moto E arrived. It felt great to see this Smartphone has gone through a lot of cooking and a perfect recipe got cooked. Now let’s take a look at this classy mid range Smartphone and see what Motorola has been doing with it.
Moto G 2nd Gen: Full Phone Specifications:
  1. Design: Moto G 2nd Gen unlike its classic variant comes with a bigger 5.0inch display encased in a plastic build case curved at the corners. The concept behind designing this 2nd Gen Smartphone is same as that of 1st one when it comes to build. Also being a low priced mid ranger you can’t expect metal or glass panels, it’s all good with plastic body. However it’s necessary to encase this Smartphone after buying with a high quality shock absorbing case.
  2. Display Quality: A 5.0 inch display with resolution of 720*1280pixels and pixel density of 294ppi is present in Moto G 2nd Gen. The display of this Smartphone is provided with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection which is quite good. The pixel density of this display is clearly an average one and the emblematic feature of mid range Smartphone too however it’s still better than what Samsung offers in their Grand series.
  3. Performance: Moto G 2nd Gen is factory installed with Android OS v4.4.4 Kit Kat OS which is expectedly getting Android v5.0 Lollipop OS upgrade soon and operates on Quad core Snapdragon 400 processor clocked at 1.2GHz and coupled with 1GB RAM and Adreno 305 processor. This processing setup is quite good for a Smartphone of this standard but we can’t say that it’s an awesome one because this thing is the most commonly equipped configuration in mid rangers and we can’t feel any specialty in here, so it’s just normally good.
  4. Camera: An 8MP primary camera is provided at the rear side and 2MP front camera at front for selfies and video calling. It can be said that it’s good to see 8MP primary camera instead of 5MP and 2MP front shooter instead of a VGA camera. It’s pretty cool up gradation in Moto G 2nd Gen.
  5. Storage: Moto G 2nd Gen is provided with 8GB onboard storage and has got SD card compatibility up to 32GB. This is the pretty common feature of mid range Smartphone and also good one because no SD card would have been a mess in this case.
  6. Battery backup: A non removable 2070mAh Li-Ion battery is provided with this Smartphone. This battery makes Moto G 2nd Gen last for approx 8h on 3G. This is a good configuration battery in this standard but 2200mAH could have done wonders.

Huawei Ascend P8

Latest flagship Smartphone from Huawei: Huawei Ascend P8
Huawei is all set to release their new flagship Smartphone Huawei Ascend P8 on 15th April 2015. This Smartphone is equipped with the finest configuration and the high concern has been provided towards its sleekness and durability besides high class processing. Let’s explore this beastly Smartphone and what Huawei has got for us.
  1. Design: Huawei Ascend P8, according to reports will be a total metallic framed Smartphone provided with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 panels on both front and rear side. This Smartphone has got a high durability coefficient is very high and its sleekness has been maintained at 6mm thickness. The metallic frame perfectly encases 5.2inch display keeping its cute candy bar design intact.
  2. Display Quality: A 5.2inches IPS LCD display with full HD resolution of 1080*1920pixels and pixel density of 424ppi. The display is quite bigger in size and the quality is also awesome. This high configuration is equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 panel which provides protection against bumps and scratches. Thus, Huawei Ascend P8 acts as a good quality rough and tough dude as far as display quality is concerned.
  3. Performance: Huawei Ascend P8 is preinstalled with Android v5.0.2 Kit Kat OS operating on a Quad core HiSilicon Kirin 930 processor accompanied by 3GB RAM. Thus, the operating system of this Smartphone will be latest version of Android OS and the processor is also super cool which will burn the rubber tires with its 3GB RAM. It’s providence with 3GB RAM will make this Smartphone run all the applications with ease and will enable better multi tasking.
  4. Camera: Well nothing can go batter than this. Huawei Ascend P8 with 13 Mp primary camera and 8MP front shooter is definitely a cool configuration and finally something fresh. It besides providing better photography with the rear camera will provide a high quality selfie taking capability and good quality video calling. This is the best thing provided so far in this Smartphone.
  5. Storage: Huawei Ascend P8 has been enabled with 32GB internal storage which will let you save every small and large thing in your Smartphone without worries. This is the only storage variant known to be arriving so far with up to 64GB SD card compatibility. It’s totally cool to have 32GB inbuilt in your Smartphone and it’s the only option.
  6. Battery backup: A 2600mAh Li-Po non removable battery has been packed in this Smartphone; it will provide users with full day of usage talk time however it’s felt that this highly as well as pretty perfectly Smartphone could have received 3000mAh Li-Po battery for its excellent back up.

Microsoft Surface 3

Microsoft Surface 3:
Today Microsoft headlined our tech news with the unveiling of their latest Microsoft Surface 3 tablet which took place yesterday on 31st April 2015. Microsoft Surface 3 is the budget oriented low priced tablet with the launch price of just $499. As, already said it’s a low priced one so mm. compromises have to be made in the features and processing speed. However you will be delighted to know that Microsoft Surface 3 is claimed by Microsoft to be the most light weight as well as thinnest tablet ever. It only weighs 622 grams and possesses thickness of 8.7mm.
Discover Microsoft Surface 3:
Display Configuration: Microsoft Surface 3 flaunts a 10.8inch full HD display with resolution of 1080*1920pixels. It’s the compactly designed tablet from Microsoft as compared to the tablet released by them in past however the quality of this display is superb.
Performance: Microsoft Surface 3 is installed with Windows 8.1 OS operating on processor clocked at 1.6GHz and accompanied by 2GB RAM / 4GB as per storage variants. The processing and RAM compilation is quite well designed in both the cases and will operate well however if you want to go for higher variant the things will be much better as expected. It’s also good to hear that Microsoft Surface 3 will be upgradable to Windows 10 OS as soon as upgrade arrives officially.
Storage: Microsoft Surface 3 has been provided with 2 storage variants which are 64GB and 128GB; the 64GB is equipped with 2GB RAM and 128GB with 4GB. So, it depends upon the work load of a user to choose the either one. For home basis, the 2GB version will also play good in all aspects.
Camera: A 3.5Mp camera is provided at the front for video calling purposes and it’s pretty cool. We can’t expect a high pixilated camera in this price range that too for a high configuration tablet.
Technical Build: Microsoft Surface 3 houses a USB 3.0 port, microSD card reader, a mini display port, you can grab a USB dock as an additional accessory with four USB ports, Ethernet jack and mini display port. All these available ports will allow user to enjoy fully fledged laptop experience with this compact tablet allowing connecting compatibility with every single accessory. It is also compatible with Surface Pen for accurate usability.
Additional features: Microsoft Surface 3 has been made available with all new Surface 3 cover, free subscription to office 365 for a year with fully unlocked word, excel, Power point and one note. The user will also be getting 1TB free cloud storage via one drive. The deal looks very beneficial as far as these advantages are concerned.

Xiaomi's 5th anniversaries meet up lead to unveiling of some top notch gadgets

Xiaomi's 5th anniversaries meet up lead to unveiling of some top notch gadgets:
Xiaomi while celebrating their 5th anniversary launched an event in China where the unveiling of their latest gadgets took place. According to reports, Xiaomi is up to releasing a 4G enabled mid ranger Smartphone at ultra cheap price set to be unveiled on 8th April. Despite this anonymous gadget, some fresher gadgets were unveiled by the CEO of Xiaomi Lei Jun. Let’s check them out.
  1. Xiaomi Redmi 2A: This Smartphone unveiled by Xiaomi is actually a cheaper version of LTE enabled Redmi 2 featuring a 4.7inch HD IPS display. Xiaomi Redmi 2A operates on Quad core Leadcore processor clocked at 1.5 GHz and coupled with 1GB RAM and Mali T628MP2 GPU. It provides users with the onboard storage of 8GB. This high configuration low budget Smartphone aka Xiaomi Redmi 2A is housed with an 8MP primary camera with 2MP front shooter for video calling and selfies. This power packed Smartphone is equipped with a 2200mAh battery. Overall Xiaomi Redmi 2A looks challenging to the mid range Smartphone’s who provide much lesser than this at an expected price of Rs 6000.
  2. Mi Note (pink Version): The special ladies moment in the latest event by Xiaomi lead to the unveiling of the pink variant of Xiaomi Mi Note. This Smartphone has been tweaked to be sleeker and beautiful to explore a women’s personality. Besides the designing tweaks, Xiaomi Mi Note pink version will be operating Quad core Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.5GHz and coupled with 3GB RAM to give the best application running and switching experience without any lag. As per Chinese currency this Smartphone will be available at CNY2499 which as per Indian currency is about Rs 25000.
  3. Mi Smart Scale: The health conscious people need to know that Xiaomi has announced something special for them which is their Mi Smart Scale. This scale has the capability to take note of slightest weight changes and can still give you accurate reading if you eat or drink something. The robustness and accuracy of the device can be judged from the fact that when it’s connected to Mi Fit app, it can weigh up to 16 people at a time. It’s expected to be available at the price of around Rs 1000.
  4. Mi Power Strip: it isn’t any huge gadget from Xiaomi but a cheaper and robust power strip with 3USB ports and rest of the distinct elements making up to be available at the price of Rs 500 only.
  5. Mi TV 2: This is the most essential surprise unveiling of Xiaomi. This Mi TV 2 is 40inch is based on Android OS which operates on MStar 6A928 processor. It exclusively features Samsung’s HD panel with resolution of 4k i.e. 3840*2160pixels. It’s designed to be ultra sleek and stylish expected to be made available at price of Rs 55000.

LG G4 display configuration unveiled

LG G4 display configuration unveiled:
As per the latest announcement made by LG, their latest flagship Smartphone LG G4 is scheduled to be arriving on 28th April 2015. But out of worldwide anticipation, recently LG display, flaunted their 5.5inch QHD display panel to be used in LG G4. Although LG G3 also was flaunted with a 5.5inch Quad HD display but this display is somehow much better than that one offering 120% color gamut, which is 20% extra than what LG G3 used.
This LG G4 display panel provides resolution of 1440*2560 and pixel density of 538ppi. This highly pixilated display panel is capable of producing 50% more contrast as compared to other QHD display and 30% more brightness will be offered without extra battery consumption. This will allow LG G4 to provide much better display performance in reflective areas without battery drainage which is the main problem nowadays.
  • Unlike ordinary LED display;
  • Its high color gamut Led panel offers more precise colors,
  • Its AIT technology produces higher sensitivity in touch and can even predict minute touching sensation,
  • Its Photo alignment technology enables it to produce higher contrast ratio because of its unique liquid crystal alignment.
Everything looks great in this display and LG G4 looks perfectly compatible premium Smartphone which can cope up with the high competition among premium Smartphone segment. So, let’s hope LG’s latest technology can withstand the competition from Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Moto X, iPhone 6 and other big heads in the game.

Microsoft Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL

Microsoft Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL arriving in India on 7th April:
At the recently held MWC 2015 Microsoft announced a fresh quota of Smartphone’s to be arriving soon being multiple variants of Lumia 640 concept including: Lumia 640 Dual SIM, Lumia 640 XL Dual SIM and Lumia 640 XL LTE Dual SIM.  These Smartphone’s doesn’t only differ in what their labels speak but have going multiple different features like camera configuration, battery backup, etc. So, let’s explore Lumia 640 and Lumia 640XL.
Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM Smartphone:
This Smartphone flaunts a 5inch HD Clear Black IPS display with resolution of 1280*720pixels, protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. It comes preinstalled with windows 8.1OS featuring Lumia Denim, operates on Quad core Snapdragon 400 processor clocked at 1.2GHz and accompanied by 1GB RAM and Adreno 305GPU. It is provided with 8GB internal storage with expandability option up to 128GB. This Smartphone aka Lumia 640 is planted with an 8MP primary camera at the back and 1MP front shooter. It’s packed with a 2500mAh battery which is enough to run this compactly designed Smartphone for a day.
 Microsoft Lumia 640 XL Dual SIM Smartphone:
It’s obvious from its nomenclature that this Smartphone flaunts a bigger display that the classic variant of Lumia 640, it comes with monstrous 5.7inch HD Clear Black display with resolution of 128*720pixels and comes sheltered with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 panel. Lumia 640 XL is factory installed with windows 8.1OS and Lumia Denim skinning, it operates on Quad core Snapdragon 400 processor clocked at 1.2GHz and coupled with 1GB RAM and Adreno 305GPU. This Smartphone has got 8GB onboard internal storage which can be expanded up to 128GB via microSD card .A 16MP primary camera is present at the rear end along with 5MP front shooter. A 3000mAh battery has been provided for Lumia 640 XL for better battery backup as the display of this Smartphone is huge. 
Overall both the variants of Lumia 640 are provided with a good configuration display, a typical mid ranger processor configuration and internal storage. But as far as camera is concerned the Lumia 640 XL is provided with perfect camera configuration however Lumia 640 Dual SIM has got a compromising front shooter. It’s worth admiring that both these Smartphone’s are provided with rightly powered battery as per need and will definitely provide good battery backup. Lumia 64) Dual SIM can prove to be a good midranger Smartphone if the users doesn’t deal with front shooter too much but for selfie lovers, this Smartphone is out of frame and Lumia 640 XL can prove to be a perfectly configured midrange Smartphone although the display is monstrous.